Personalized clock made for teacher at the end of the schoool

A short description of the process of personalized clock making, A customer ordered it for the children of a school class, to gift a teacher at the end of the school year. It was said that a teacher is a horse lover and we agreed on the timeline to finish the product. After a short call, we went to discuss it via email. By email, the idea can get into living easier with a little help by image support. I made some variations of ideas and let the customer decide. The following  short video describes it.  For some more ideas about personalized gifts take a look at: customizedwallclock.com

About my work

I`m a producer of the personalized gift items since the year. 2000. Despite digital printing has widely spread since 2000, I remained faithful making them on my own procedure. I included also an original way of decorating the surface of the items, using relief and original coloring that makes the items distinctive from the others.😊 At first, I was making wall clocks. Then boxes came:   And other boxes like this: Then photo frames came. Napkin stands. Pencil Boxes More about it at: www.customizedwallclock.com In Slovenian language: www.stenskaura.com For the German speakers: www.persoalisiertewanduhr.com